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Standard radiators


Since 1991 ROTAL is a producer and supplier of an energy-saving direct electric central heating type Ecosun. On it’s basis we design heating systems in houses and estates using other complimentary devices based on energy from RES – creating complex energy-efficient homes and facilities.



Professionalism gained over 35 years of work allows us to produce extremely safe, maintenance-free and practically service-free equipment, giving a 10-year warranty.


Many years of experience, proven specialists and consultancy in the field of effective and affortable heating are the values ​​that have characterized our activity since the very beginning of its existence in the industry.


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production of energy-efficient electric radiators


The ROTAL company has been operating on the market since 1983. Since then we have been producing and assembling  energy equipment and implementing new technologies in your buildings. Many years of experience, proven specialists and consultancy in the field of effective and cost-effective heating are the values ​​that have characterized our activity since the very beginning of its existence in the industry. Get to know our products and warm up your home in a more convenient and more comfortable way.

ROTAL is a manufacturer and supplier designing systemically. EcoDOM ™ energy-saving, designed for ecology, equipped with intelligent and economical heating devices is a great example of this. If you do not want to worry about energy costs for your home or business, read our offer and consult a specialist to match your needs.

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definitely LOWER bills

The standard heater is in white color that blends in well with the surroundings, for example the ceiling on which it is mounted, with a slightly rough surface – covered with quartz increasing the radiator’s efficiency by increasing the radiating surface which increases efficiency.

The low-temperature ECOSUN radiators we offer perform very well as main or supplementary heating for all types of rooms with a height not exceeding 3.5 m, such as: apartments, houses, offices, shops, public facilities, etc.

The radiators can be made in any color, as well as in other dimensions, sizes, shapes and powers than those given in the series.

Power: 130, 325, 430, 650, 900 watts
DIMENSIONS: depending on the performance of the radiator
IP: IP44
MANUFACTURER: Rotal Zakład Ogrzewaania Alternatywnego
All products have the CE mark.
Installation according to the attached instructions.


we’ve already warmed up all types of rooms

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The radiators heat each room individually by working with a heat regulator that when the room temperature is reached, the radiator switches off – there is no further power consumption.

 kitchen | 2 x Ecosun 325 W


lobby in the office building Ecosun 650W

ECOSUN radiator for suspended ceilings ECOSUN 325W and ECOSUN 650W radiators can be made in a version intended for mounting in coffered ceilings type Termatex, Rafkon, Amstrong. Then they have dimensions corresponding to one element of ECOSUN 325W ceiling panel or two ECOSUN 650W. The advantage of this solution is that the radiators are virtually invisible and do not limit the surface of the walls that can be used for other purposes. This is quite an important advantage in shops, petrol stations, etc., where the goods are displayed on shelves next to the walls.


 | Ecosun 650 W

Card Flash 25800 ,,Very convenient and easy to use, with controller diode”

Card DT 1000i ,,Digital display, accurate, with the possibility of setting the day and night temperature”


Card DT 700i ,,The controller is fully programmable and can be set for each day and time “

Card DT 800 ,,Radio controller with receiver and station, bypassing the heater – regulator”


our specialty Your SUCCESS

Our basic activity is the production of metal, glass and ceramic ECOSUN type radiant heaters. We make them according to the technology of the American company Asteck & Bercko and the Czech company Fenix.

Our radiators are the basic element of central electrical – radiative heating for all residential objects.

The advantages of radiators are low investment costs with subsequent low cost of equipment exploration.

Up to today, there are over 30,000 installations of ECOSUN radiators in Poland in all residential and public buildings ranging from flats, houses, offices, restaurants, public buildings to high-volume buildings, production halls, warehouses, church workshops, AgroEcosun are greenhouses, farms.

We are a producer that’s why radiators can be made with any power, colors and shapes in the 100-3600 Watt range. Our offer includes white radiant heaters covered with quartz, radiator heaters hand painted paintings, glass framed, glass with photo, heating mirrors and high temperature radiators designed for heating surfaces with large cubic capacity.

One of the basic needs of a man is warmth, we will help you achieve it in a simple and cheap way

Reduce your heating bills. How ? Our heating consumes 30% less energy than another available on the market. Protect yourself from the cold and feel the pleasant warmth in your home without raising your finger. How is this possible? Our devices radiate like the sun and are maintenance-free and maintenance-free. We give you reliability. A 10-year warranty on our devices will give you peace of mind for years. Remember that smaller heating bills mean more money for you.