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our passion is HEATING

The proposals of our company, founded in 1983, are backed decades of experience in the heating industry – in line with the saying “practice makes perfect”. Since 1992, we have also been guided by two golden thoughts of world authority:

Albert Einstein – “the future of heating will be radiation” and

“the invention of a genius heating system is more important to mankind than the discovery of a new planet.”



ROTAL is a manufacturer and supplier designing systemically.

EcoDOM ™ energy-saving, designed for ecology, equipped with intelligent and economical heating devices is a great example of this.

The devices in the ROTAL catalog are well known for the diligence and accuracy with which they are made.  Professionalism gained over 35 years of working experience allows us to produce service-free and practically maintenance-free equipment, and above all – extremely safe. Our offer is a guarantee of comfort, reliability and your satisfaction.



Rotal Alternative Heating Manufacturer

Our basic activity is the production of metal, glass and ceramic ECOSUN type radiant heaters. We make them according to the technology of the American company Aztec & Berko and the Czech company Fenix.
As the only producer in the world, we make Ecosun radiators of any power, color and shape in the 100-3600 Watt range. Our radiators are the basic element of central electrical – radiative heating for all residential buildings, production halls, schools, hospitals, churches, greenhouses etc. In 2008, a team of scientists  working with Eng. Peter Kosack, PhD, from the Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern, proved for the largest European manufacturers of electric radiators, Fenix ​​and Redwel, the superiority of radiation heating electric central heating over water, gas or oil heating.
Read read more about us in our ‘Dom & Energie’ (Home and Power) newsletters.




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our activity

We also carry out energy-modernization projects for any previously designed or existing buildings – residential, schools, hospitals, office buildings, greenhouses, etc. We choose for them thermal and warmth insulation and we propose different energy sources produced in common systems as well as RES (Renewable Energy Sources). They are supplemented with our concept and construction of devices for energy recovery dispersed in water, air and soil such as radiant heaters, flue gas, accumulators, solar thermal thermostats with a ground heat exchanger and heat pump as a wet recuperator and sewage recuperators. We propose instead of inefficient, archaic and dangerous combustion of gases and oils in boilers – cogeneration or combined energy, i.e. obtaining electricity and hot water from gases, oils and water (HHO) – burned in combustion engines – piston and rotary. Energomodernization audits for all facilities in a simplified form – free of charge.

We design rotary machines, such as compressors, pumps and expanders according to our patents. We support and promote innovative solutions of our partners from energy industries, eg street LED lamps with 150 lm luminous efficiency of 1 Watt or low-speed neodymium differential wind generators. We provide energy-efficient buildings with proper warm and thermal insulation, heating and ventilation all year round using solar thermal tanks with a ground heat exchanger and photovoltaic cells connected to the direct electric central heating type Ecosun. In addition, we offer a sanitary hot water system (in winter) with heat removal from the fireplace.

  • producer of Ecosun radiators 100% 100%
  • speed of project development 95% 95%
  • speed of project development 85% 85%
  • engineering solutions for completing devices 100% 100%

Our team

we are here for YOU

 In 1983, engineer Józef Jaszczerski, Master of Science, founded the Rotal company of Alternative Heating Plant, receiving technology from a heating center in the USA in Albuquerque New Mexico, which has been associated with the heating industry for over 35 years.

As the first producer of Ecosun radiators, we try to combine experience with a modern approach to ongoing projects. The experience and knowledge of the team gained while participating in the implementation of numerous heating projects is an interpretation of the scope and quality of our services.

High competence and completeness of knowledge of consultants dealing with consulting, planning, and selection of devices guarantees safety and minimization of problems at the time of heating installation.


ROTAL’s strength is primarily a team of highly qualified specialists – practitioners with many years of professional experience. We employ people with University education in the field of science (environmental engineering, economics, management) as well as in humanities.

Such diversity of specialization and employment structure in the company guarantee free solving of problems, both in the area of ​​modern heating technologies and substantive problem solving for our clients. In addition to our substantive competencies and passion, our cooperation with other companies, offices and universities is very important as it helps Rotal implement projects at the highest level.

We create a excellent team together.

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Contact with the client

We are waiting for your questions, we will present you the heating offer, we will make a valuation of devices, and will coordinate your orders

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Development of projects

Our engineers develop large heating projects, select devices, design radiators for special purposes

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Production workers

A team of well-trained employees with great commitment and care produces radiators and other heating devices.

“Inventing a genius heating system is more important to humanity than discovering a new planet”

Albert Einstein