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We would like to invite you to cooperate with the resale of energy-saving electric heating. The devices we provide can significantly enrich your company’s offer, and in some cases even change the profile of your business.

Infrared heaters – why is it worth it?

This is the perfect time to start selling radiant heaters. The devices we offer enable connection with a photovoltaic system. As a result, the offered solution can be used not only in single- family houses, but also in companies and public facilities.

A very big advantage of the infrared heaters we supply are low investment costs. There is no need to completely rebuild your installation or build a stove or chimney. It also significantly reduces maintenance and service costs. Electric heating is one of the safest, because there is no risk of explosion or poisoning. The radiator system we offer allows for quick installation.

The infrared heaters we supply are widely used in many spaces. They can be successfully installed in single-family houses (mainly with a photovoltaic installation), apartments, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. People who want to replace old tiled stoves with a much more efficient and safer solution can choose this type of device.

Why choose us?

We are a producer of energy-saving infraredelectric heating of the Ecosun type. The experience gained over the last 38 years has allowed us to develop proprietary technological solutions that make the entire system highly functional and efficient. Something that is extremely important is, above all, the fact that we provide a 10-year warranty on our radiators.

Standard version of radiators manufactured by our company are available immediately, while accessories manufactured on special order are shipped up to 10 working days. The products are available in various color variants, which means that each person will find the most suitable solution for their needs. In addition, a very important information is the fact that we also offer radiators in the form of hand-painted pictures. They are created on the basis of the motive proposed by the client. Radiators are also available in the form of mirrors, which further increases their functionality.

Transaction security

The Ecosun radiators we offer can be delivered by a courier company, and the available payment methods are proforma and cash on delivery. We offer full support at every stage ofthe implementation.

In frared heaters are an excellent proposition especially for developers. Equipping houses and apartments with a modern heating system, which no one else has, allows you to stand out on the market and offer your clients something that no other developer company has yet.

The infrared heaters produced by us can be successfully used not only in homes or hotels.
Their extensive functionality means that these accessories will also be used in warehouses and production halls. The high efficiency of the system allows the radiators to be able to heat even very large spaces. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the solutions we