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The high quality of our services is confirmed by received quality certificates. The constant monitoring of the market and the level of customer satisfaction is a confirmation of the high safety of using our products. In addition, we provide instructions for our devices and temperature controllers.



Our products meet the appropriate safety and quality requirements, but also stand out from the competition from other offers on the market. The certification process examines the technological and control processes of the product, which are key to the quality of the product. Customers can thus be sure of high-quality products and their high security, without adverse effects on the environment and man, because the products are tested for the emission of harmful substances.


of the controller and radiator


The radiator should not be mounted opposite the window, the door so that the radiant heat is not directed outside the room and inside the room in order to heat all partitions in the room.

In large, high rooms, we recommend creating a movement of warm air molecules from under the ceiling using multi-blade mixers that are mounted on the ceiling bringing warm air back down the heated room. The price of heating will drop by about 30%, and the temperature will rise by 3 degrees C.

One should warm up not the air at home, but only its hard molecules, ie partitions, objects and people – as it happens in nature when the sun rises – especially in summer.


In order for the purchased Ecosun radiator panel to work properly you also need to select the temperature controller, which thanks to the easy setting of the expected temperature in the room will turn off the radiator after it has been reached – there is no further power consumption.

The radiator works as a function of time, drawing power as it is marked on the radiator, for example 650 Watt per hour. When selecting appropriate devices for the W / m2 room, it should work briefly to achieve the desired room temperature.

The regulator “looks after” the room temperature will switch on the radiator in order to maintain the set temperature if the room gets cooler.

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Control and monitoring assembly place kit

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Ecosun radiators can be mounted on the ceiling and on the wall with equally good thermal efficiency.

1. As a rule, Ecosun panels are mounted on the ceiling, where they blend in well with the surroundings – standard ones are white, slightly rough and do not take up space in the home, where usually we have furniture.

2. Radiators mounted on the walls are radiators in the form of paintings, for example in the living room decorative radiant panels or mirrors suspended on the wall in the bathroom. Radiators often find their destination in the place of old disassembled radiators and in ready-made niches.


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Controller WiFi ,,Very convenient and easy to use, with controller diode”

Card DT 1000i ,,Digital display, accurate, with the possibility of setting the day and night temperature”

Card DT 700i ,,The controller is fully programmable and can be set for each day and time “

Card DT 800 ,,Radio controller with receiver and station, bypassing the heater – regulator”

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