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safe and healthy

When selling radiators, customers often ask if the infrared radiation that the radiators emit does not harm health. This is a serious mental barrier that is associated with the concept of radiation. This is understandable after recent experience with nuclear power plants. Of course, ECOSUN radiators are 100% safe and do not endanger health – wavelength 0.2u-12u (microwave is 12u)


What is infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation (Latin: infra = under, under) is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 0.74 to 2.5 microns. This radiation is about 40% of sunlight and is part of the solar radiation that gives a person warmth and physical and mental well-being. Infrared radiation is sometimes called the thermal radiation.



the radiant heater is like the sun

Infrared radiation, like the sun, gives man warmth and physical and mental well-being

health and safe

ECOSUN radiators are 100% safe and do not pose a threat to health – the wavelength is 0.2 u-12u

health support

Deep infrared heat is a simple and valuable support for the therapist in the treatment of many diseases



INFRARED radiation

What is infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation (Latin infra = underneath, underneath) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 0.74 to 2.5 micrometers. This radiation constitutes approx. 40% of sunlight and is part of the solar radiation which gives man warmth and physical and mental well-being. Infrared radiation is sometimes called thermal radiation.

Healing waves

Heat treatment is used in many diseases to: reduce pain, improve local blood circulation, heal wounds faster, and even treat some inflammations, both local and general. The sun is the best generator of radiation. It is important that the apparatus generating infrared radiation produces it as closely as possible to the solar spectrum, especially for near-infrared wavelengths. These wavelengths are the most favorable for the aforementioned therapeutic functions.

Application of infrared radiation

The use of infrared radiators is very wide, from the food industry (thermal processing of food), through the paper industry (drying up paper), to heating.

In the field of heating, infrared radiators are used either for standby heating (bathroom radiators, radiators in restaurant gardens), or as a basic component of the heating system (heating of halls, warehouses), for breeding and for animal husbandry, especially for rearing youngsters (poultry chicks, piglets) ). They are used in infrared saunas.

In medicine – a large dose of infrared causes local overheating of the skin, which leads to increased blood circulation. In laser printers, this technology is used to thermally fuse toner on a printout.

Therapy and prevention

Modern medicine believes that the best solution is to treat the patient holistically. This means that in modern therapy, more and more attention is paid to the use of regenerative and gentle methods on the entire body. Effective therapy, as understood by modern medicine, is one that results in general improvement of health. Deep infrared heat is for the therapist a simple and valuable support in the treatment of many diseases, without the need for additional burden on the body. The effectiveness of infrared is based on strengthening the body’s own regulatory mechanisms. Infrared therapy is obviously not a universal miracle that relieves or protects against all diseases. On the other hand, infrared treatment gives excellent results if this form of therapy complements the pharmacological, physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation treatments known and recognized in medicine. Like any form of therapy, it will be more beneficial when you eliminate bad habits and habits from your life.

Prevention and treatment by infrared radiation

The preventive and healing effect of infrared is possible thanks to the stimulation of our cells and tissues. Infrared radiation: activates circulation and metabolism, expels poisons and waste substances, mobilizes the body’s defenses, strengthens the immune system.

What happens at 40-60 ° C?

The health-promoting effect of infrared heat is that this heat enters the body, activating muscles, joints and internal organs. Deep infrared heat is used with great success worldwide in chronic diseases and various types of trauma. As already mentioned, the use of infrared radiation in sick people should be consulted with a doctor. Improvement until complete recovery can be achieved, among others, by in the following ailments: acne, arthritis, lumbago, rheumatism, back pain, muscle pain, muscle acidification, ischias.


infrared as a heating element

Infrared heaters are technical components or devices which, due to their design, are designed to convert as much of the energy supplied to them (electricity, gas) as possible into heat, which is then given off through the radiation surface.

Regardless of the design of the infrared heater, the aim is always to bring the heat radiation emitted from the infrared heater to the heated element with the lowest possible losses, which propagates in waves independently of another transport medium.

An infrared heater, depending on the technical equipment, emits infrared radiation in a specific wavelength range (spectral range). This is, for example, a wavelength range of 2 – 10 µm; this is the maximum radiation power. This means that each infrared heater also emits waves in such ranges of lengths that are outside the range of its maximum radiation power.

Effect on the element subjected to radiation

Due to the diverse atomic structure of the heated elements, they differ in spectral ranges in which they best absorb the emitted radiation. Some of the radiation that cannot be absorbed due to the properties of the material is conducted or reflected by the material.

Absorbing infrared radiation by the heated element is known as absorption. The absorption process for the heated element is therefore always also (partially) a process accompanied by reflection and transmission of infrared radiation.

Technically, 100% absorption is not possible. Full absorption is only possible with the theoretical blackbody model.


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After a few years of using your company’s radiators, I can say that it was a very good purchase. They take up little space, they are thin, effective and trouble-free. The heating “picture” hanging on the fireplace additionally surprises my guests, I highly recommend this product.

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Having radiators at home is like having your own mini sun, available on demand at any time of the day or night. I highly recommend radiators from Rotal. I heat the single-family house with Ecosun radiators.

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