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Foundation for Creating New Innovative Heating Systems based on Renewable Energy

The basic purpose of the foundation is the development and dissemination of technology from renewable energy sources – sun, water, wind and cogeneration which is closely related to environmental protection, action for civic education in the field of renewable energy sources and public involvement in activities for the introduction of new technologies; respect for energy and strengthening cooperation between the foundation and those involved.

Our foundation, formerly called Dom & Energie, publishes brochures aimed at popularizing global technical novelties in the field of obtaining energy from renewable sources. If you have a clean environment in your environment, appreciate our work, many years of experience in the field of effective heating and reduce smog emissions, we encourage you to support our foundation with a subsidy.

Give us at least your 1%, account number: 23 1090 1492 0000 0001 3423 3403. We also invite startups for cooperation.

We invite you to read the individual bulletins, where we confirm the words of

Benjamin Franklin that “energy and perseverance can change everything”

Brochures Home & Energie

Report of the team of scientists dr. Eng. Peter Kosack from Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern.

He proved the superiority of electric radiation heating c.o. above water, gas or oil. In 2008, a team of scientists dr. Eng. Peter Kosack from the Technische Universitat…

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The most cost-effective central heating

Heat the partitions of your house, furniture, walls and yourself with warm rays, not just indoor air. After 18 years of activity and experience with conducting multiple monitorings and consultations on this subject, we offer you together with our…

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Enenrgy Self-sufficient homes with own independent water intake

Source of elecrtical energy and hot water from various renewable sources. An article in this next issue of Dom & Energie, I would like it to contain all energy tips for …

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get to know customer’s reviews of our products and join the many satisfied customers of Rotal’s products and services

After a few years of using your company’s radiators, I can say that it was a very good purchase. They take up little space, they are thin, effective and trouble-free. The heating “picture” hanging on the fireplace additionally surprises my guests, I highly recommend this product.

Regards Zbigniew Serocki

Having radiators at home is like having your own mini sun, available on demand at any time of the day or night. I highly recommend radiators from Rotal. I heat the single-family house with Ecosun radiators.

Be Happy Mariusz Zawadzki