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Properties and application of electric radiators

A few years ago, the installation of a central heating system supplied with a coal furnace or fuel oil was the standard in every house. Nowadays, the method of heating is becoming more and more often abandoned due to uncomfortable and dirty service, high operating costs, significant heat losses and very high emissions. Gas heating is expensive in the installation and subsequent operation, especially at continuous increases in gas prices. The heat pump or other heating requires servicing. An excellent alternative that solves all these problems are electric radiators. An electric infrared heater is a comfortable, healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.


What exactly are the radiators and how they work?

An electric radiator is a device that converts electricity into thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation. The radiator can take the form of ceramic or metal elements covered with quartz, ie modern panels that are able to effectively heat even large rooms. In residential buildings and elegant offices, glass radiators, in the form of paintings or mirrors, are best presented.

The heater is made up of several parts, including a base – a heating element covered with quartz or glass and a frame whose task is radiation, a separate device is a controller. The possibility of placing graphics on the glass, and even a hand-painted image makes the electric heater not only a heating device, but also a stylish interior decoration.

What is radiator heating?

Traditional space heating methods are based on the principle of convection. This means that the radiator in the room heats the air. In addition, each airing is associated with serious heat losses, and it takes a long time to get a comfortable temperature again.

Electric radiators heat the rooms by radiation. During their operation, the air is not heated, but directly heats people, house walls, furniture and objects in the range of radiation, all of which accumulate heat and then return it to the room. In this way, we avoid unnecessary energy losses that occurs when heating the air, and then only secondly – people.

You will feel the pleasant and healthy warmth immediately after starting the radiator, which works with the temperature controller by heating the room to the desired temperature and when the comfortable temprature is reached the radiator will turn off and there will be no further power consumption.

Ecosun panel radiators guarantee very low power consumption – 650W is enough to heat up to 15m2, and thus, the use of them is extremely cheap. The monthly heating cost of 1m2 is from ,75 to1,25 Euro’s.

Applications of electric radiators

Modern electric radiators can be used both in residential houses and public facilities. They are an excellent proposition for offices, as well as schools and kindergartens. The huge advantage of this heating is the ease of temperature control as well as quickly reaching optimal required temprature (after which the device switches off automatically).

High temperature ECOSUN radiant heaters with power from 1200 to 3600W are designed for industrial applications and are ideal for arge production halls and warehouses, as well as outside, eg in stands or ramps.

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The radiators are definitely energy-saving, their power consumption is much lower than other devices.



We provide a 10-year warranty on our devices – it’s your peace of mind for years.



Radiant heating is practically maintenance-free, after setting the temperature controller you do not need to do anything more to have warmth at home.



If you plan to furnish your home with individual radiant heaters, for example image radiators, glass with pictures, write us about it – it’s your 89% and the remaining percentages are our production at your request.



Our specialists and engineers choose the appropriate equipment for each room – all you need is to give us data about the object you want to warm up.


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After a few years of using your company’s radiators, I can say that it was a very good purchase. They take up little space, they are thin, effective and trouble-free. The heating “picture” hanging on the fireplace additionally surprises my guests, I highly recommend this product.

Pozdrawiam Zbigniew Serocki

Having radiators at home is like having your own mini sun, available on demand at any time of the day or night. I highly recommend radiators from Rotal. I heat the single-family house with Ecosun radiators.

Be Happy Mariusz Zawadzki

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