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ECO Solutions


 House diagram

A schematic diagram for a home or a set of self-sufficient energy houses with all available recommended and proven by us and our customers for 30 years – devices and systems that obtain energy from raw materials and renewable sources. The basic condition for energy self-sufficiency is: a nearby water source, thermal and warmth insulation of external partitions from the inside and selection of only a few of the following devices or alternative systems in the event of lack of own electricity from the sun, wind or cogeneration and from the public network.

We offer our devices and heating systems especially to designers and the developers of the government programs, Mieszkanie Plus or Polskie Domy Drewniane, as well as investors in single and multi-family buildings. These solutions should also be taken into account by the decision makers and their advisers from the government’s energy and construction industry, labor offices reducing unemployment and unemployed looking for startups. See our brochure Dom & Energie nr 7 p.11, in which you can read more about our proposals.


 ECO House

0 – thermal-warmth insulation from the inside, a

1 – a water tower with a capacity of for ex. 15-20 m3 with a well of groundwater or subcutaneous water that is being supplied to for ex. 20-30 single-family houses with the help of energy from wind, sun or cogeneration,

1a – water treatment station (filters),

1b – a submersible pump driven by all electricity and a wind turbine,

1c – a pipeline that feeds water through the filters to the tower.

1d – a pipeline supplying water from the gravitational pressure tower to individual recipients.


1e – domestic unpressurized gravity hydrofore flooded with water individually (unnecessary in the case of power supply with pressure).

2 – non-pressure buffer 500-1000 liters (this buffer has snail spirals for water or air central heating and CWU in the upper part), heat supply from:

– a fireplace and solar thermocollectors

– heat pumps


– a surplus of own electricity or a public network.

3 – a sewage recuperator (it provides a greater recapture all year round than for example, two solar water thermo-collectors).

4 – a fireplace cassette with an air jacket and a flue or water coil on the exhaust pipe

5 – air turbine: distribution of warm and cool air

6 – heat pump, as a wet recuperation for fresh air and used up air.

7- ventilation air outlet (when the heat pump does not work) and fresh air outlet.

8 – air solar thermal collector of the ground exchanger

9 – ventilation air intake for the heat pump – the remaining air from the ventilation ducts flows into the space above the collar and louvre (11) to the space from which the heat pump draws air.

10 – draws the used air from the warmth of living from above the staircase

11 – raster for the air flow of ventilation preheated by the sun through a skylight

roof (17).

12 – ventilation duct in the flat roof.

13 – electric radiant heating.

13a – radiators in the form of a picture

13b – double-sided brick radiator accumulator (for two rooms simultaneously).

13c – electric radiator in the form of a mirror

13d – temperature controller for radiators and floor heating.

14 – generator for the production of electricity and hot water from gases, oils and hho.

14a – electricity distribution system from various sources.

15 – a metal flue pipe in a ceramic housing from the ceiling above the fireplace to 0.5 m above the ridge.

16 – the space between the pipe and the chimney is thermally insulated.

17 – roof skylight.

18 – photocell on the track.

19 – vertical wind generators.

20 – graphite foil for electric underfloor heating.

21- tubular-gravel air exchanger electrically heated placed in insulation and accumulation materials

22 – electric heating cables

ulotka fundacja dom energie 2018 - ECODOM SOLUTIONS

Stop smog!


It is very easy to calculate the energy effects of individual devices, eg in 2017 only our heaters ECOSUN have ousted from the market the need of daily combustion of ~ 31.5 tons of coal or 18 500 m3 of gas. This is information for those who have so far failed clumsily in various expensive ways to reduce smog emissions unsuccessfully! According to the prophecy of A. Einstein, all radiators will be always a simple solution.


The Foundation offers four separate, modern, trouble-free, ecological and comprehensive heating for the price of one traditional gas or oil, thus: electric heating solutions using Ecosun radiators, a fireplace with a refill and a chimney for receiving hot water, solar-air collectors, photovoltaic cells, or wind turbines. This is a proposal for developers looking with perspective, but also for individual investors who think in the economical way.


Józef Jaszczerski

Dom & Energie foundation Foundation for Creating New Innovations Heating systems Based on Renewable Energy and Gravity

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