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18 advantages of our heating

our speciality


Our electric direct heating – radiant heating can not be equated with the commonly used electric convection heating (heaters, convectors, floor, wall and ceiling cables or storage stoves).

We guarantee that our ECOSUN radiators emit 80% of heat in the form of infrared radiation, and only 20% of heat in the form of convection – that is the opposite of the traditional central heating.

Many years of experience (not only ours) obliges us to advise you what is cheap, simple, maintenance-free, from a certain source of energy as it was, is and will be electricity that can be obtained from all energy and renewable sources.
The only general global shortcoming is the storage of surplus energy. For our c.o. system ECOSUN this problem does not exist, because we store heat in the partitions of the house, which thanks to the radiation can be heated even when the windows and doors are open, because the heat does not rise up and no wind or draft blow away radiation heat, so we can store indirectly Electricity as in storage furnaces.


low investment costs of equipment purchase compared to other traditional gas, accumulative and convection heating systems.




low operating costs of devices with properly selected power, you can significantly reduce the amount of electricity bills.


the wide range of radiators can be made in various colors, shapes, from glass, in the form of mirrors and even in the form of hand-painted paintings.



Advantage over other heating

  1. radiation – it is an excellent electric heating, direct, radiant heating.
    2. our heating is above all economic, modern, future-oriented
    3. reliable – our radiators have a 10-year warranty!
    4. energy-saving – power consumption is definitely lower than other heating devices because the Ecosun heater, drawing only 650W, heats up 10-15m2 of space.
    5. economical – low operating costs – about 3-5 PLN / m2 per month (properly insulated).
    6. simple in construction and assembly.
    7. easy to use work with the temperature controller on which you can easily set the desired temperature and when the room reaches the indicated temperature, the radiator turns off – there is no further power consumption.
    8. operate quietly, do not occupy space because they are mounted on the ceiling or walls, they are aesthetic.
    9. a wide range of radiators can be made in various colors, shapes and even in the form of paintings – hand-painted by our painters as well as in the form of glass radiators with graphics. The subject matter of the paintings is optional and made on the customer’s request.
  1. low investment costs – to install electric heating in a house or apartment, you do not need to spend extra space for an installation, stove or chimney;
    11. safety of use – electric heating is one of the safest, as there is no risk of explosion or asphyxiation;
    12. allergy-friendly – this is the best type of heating for those allergic to mites;
    13. comfortable operation – control and regulation of radiators is very precise. It allows you to set the right temperature and heating time;
    14. eco-friendly – heating with electricity is environmentally friendly;
    15. low operating costs – with a properly selected electricity tariff, you can significantly reduce the amount of electricity bills.
    16. low maintenance costs – you do not need to carry out annual inspections and cleaning (eg a chimney);
    17. Instant heat source – radiators heat up very quickly;
    18. availability of electricity – unlike gas, the power grid is expanded and available almost everywhere

the best heating system



We are a manufacturer and supplier of all available radiators, which is why our offer is so rich and suited to the project.


cheaper heating

The radiators are definitely energy-saving, their power consumption is much lower than other devices.



We provide a 10-year warranty on our devices – it’s your peace of mind for years.



Radiant heating is practically maintenance-free, after setting the temperature controller you do not need to do anything more to have warmth at home.



If you plan to furnish your home with individual radiant heaters, for example image radiators, glass with pictures, write us about it – it’s your 89% and the remaining percentages are our production at your request.



Our specialists and engineers choose the appropriate equipment for each room – all you need is to give us data about the object you want to warm up.


versus radiation

Transfer of heat from radiators or other sources to heated rooms can be carried out by: Convection – as the name suggests is heating the air molecules, which float towards the ceiling and any leakage – “draft” is the loss of these warm air molecules and, unfortunately, the rise of dust as well as their continuous flow through the ventilation duct. The temperature in such rooms is always higher than the temperature of building partitions, which transmit heat to the environment simultaneously in both ways by convection and radiation in a ratio of 1 to 4 (20% radiation and 80% convection). In radiation or radiation, the thermal effect is reversed and it causes that the air temperature is lower than the average temperature of the surrounding partitions. As a result, the effective temperature – and it mainly affects the feeling of thermal comfort – is higher than the air temperature. This is beneficial for physiological and hygienic reasons.


Radiant heat – a new era of radiation heating is coming

Energy savings can be sought in both the processes of obtaining it and in the ways of its use. It is necessary not to forget about the healthy aspect of the thermal comfort achieved.

If it was possible to solve the heating of rooms in the most extreme conditions where outside temperatures are below – 100 degrees Celsius and there is no gravity, so the molecule of heated air does not rise upward and the only reliable source of energy is the electricity obtained by solar photocells – and this object is a space ship – certainly there no longer is a problem to heat our terrestrial appartment in the same way- cheap despite appearances, maintenance-free and trouble-free.

Because in our country gas and oil is imported, limited in its resources and the tender in political disputes “in Poland that stands on coal”, the most important source will always be electricity from coal or from gas or oil burned in heating and electrical units ( from so-called cogeneration).


You have to separate the costs of gas heating and electric radiant heating. Gas is used only for high halls with high air flow. The cost of such investments is PLN 55-70 / sq m. For almost ten years in Poland, three companies produce, import and distribute and install radiant central electric heating.

Electricity has been, is and will be the simplest and most reliable source of transforming energy into light, motion, sound and direct radiation heating.


As can be seen from the above calculations, operating costs in the case of radiant heating take the second place, after coal heating. Please pay attention to the price of 1 KWh at the same time. It should be noted that radiant heating service is much cheaper than coal and gas heating (with coal and gas heating there is a water cycle, which is associated with the occurrence of boiler scale, corrosion, seals, aeration of heaters, in the case of gas heating with the occurrence of NO in the chimney (nitrides – elements harmful to the environment and health) and acid corrosion of the chimney in the case of coal heating (occurrence of sulfur compounds, which in combination with the moisture contained in the carbon form sulfuric acid.) In addition, in coal heating, we have a lot of work with ashes and other residues on combustion.


Radiant heating does not require any supervision. With the c.o. system direct electric heating from the network of power plants costs can be further reduced in a very simple way, namely using electricity obtained from renewable sources, eg from wind (wind turbines) or solar photovoltaic. We should mention that they are cheap energy sources and at the same time environmentally friendly, so underestimated in our country. This method of central heating allows you to store energy in the building partitions by irradiation or heating with graphite foil placed in the partition. And the additional advantage of radiators is that the heat of ECOSUN radiators is very pleasant to us.


THE EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF HEAT IN THE HOUSE Among other advantages of heating with the majority of radiation, we would like to mention specific “self-regulation”. If there are two people in the room, one of which relaxes and the other works, both feel a similar thermal comfort. Lowering the air temperature reduces the heat loss caused by room ventilation. It is a very valuable advantage of heating by radiation, important especially in rooms with large cubature (production halls, gymnasiums, churches, greenhouses, henhouses, etc., as well as living quarters). It saves up to 30% energy compared to convection heating. The savings are even greater if radiators are heating only separate spaces (work stations).


Long-term heat – accumulation of double savings The radiation emitted by planes is absorbed by the surrounding partitions in over 90%. The reflected part of the radiation (10%) goes to the next barrier, which in turn absorbs 90% again. As a result, almost all emitted thermal radiation is swallowed (absorbed). Only polished furniture has the ability to reflect about 95% of radiation, while transparent materials (glass, air) transmit heat radiation with a wavelength over 7. The barriers heating up as a result of radiation absorption also emit radiation towards cooler partitions (secondary radiation).


SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE We have been the producer of ECOSUN radiators for over 20 years, constantly improving the technology and our skills and experience translate into customer satisfaction. We have already installed hundreds of megawatts of these systems in commercial halls, including (NOMI, IKEA), productions of Warsaw, Szczecin, Krakow, Bydgoszcz and many others. We have experience in heating numerous churches in Zakopane, Rybnik, Bielsko-Biała, BP gas stations, Arla in Krakow, in holiday homes and sanatoriums in Zakopane, Rewal, Mrzeżyno and thousands of residential homes throughout Poland. We are currently heating store halls Polo Market, which enters into modern and energy-efficient heating of its stores. Our experience says that radiating planes can simultaneously function as a building envelope (ceiling heating, floor heating) or they can be most often hung on radiant ceilings and walls. It is important that the radiant surfaces are not covered by equipment, curtains or carpets


In heating, it is also possible to use suspended radiant plates fed with hot water or steam, as well as gas radiators. The big advantage of radiators is their low inertia, thanks to which the thermal effect is obtained almost immediately after switching on. This feature enables short-term (and therefore economical) generation of thermal comfort in rooms used sporadically. When designing heating from the ceiling, one must remember that the head is the part of the human body that is overheating. Appropriate conditions from the point of view of human physiology can be obtained by proper arrangement of ceiling heating planes and it is best to place them above windows and doors.


In rooms where ceiling heating levels are used, there is a very favorable ratio of radiation to convection – 2.5: 1. The air temperature in the insulated room is then about 3 deg. C lower than the effective temperature. Near the ceiling, a thin, insulating layer of heated air that has no gravitational flow up is maintained. Heating from the ceiling is recommended in rooms intended for permanent stay of people, especially in rooms where people are in a lying position (bedrooms, hospitals).


For heating rooms, you can also use vertical wall heating surfaces. The upper edge of such a plane should not be placed higher than 1.5 m from the floor. This is commonly accepted height of hanging images in rooms. Therefore, one of the few European companies and in Poland as the only company in Poland, ROTAL produces hand-painted heating (radiating) images. Wall heating levels can be installed as basic heating or as supplementary – cooperating with the ceiling or floor heating surface (convective – they allow to lower the temperature of the latter). We have already installed hundreds of megawatts of these systems in commercial halls, including (NOMI, IKEA), productions of Warsaw, Szczecin, Krakow, Bydgoszcz and many others.


We have experience in heating numerous churches in Zakopane, Rybnik, Bielsko-Biała, BP gas stations, Arla in Krakow, in holiday homes and sanatoriums in Zakopane, Rewal, Mrzeżyno and thousands of residential homes throughout Poland. We are currently heating store halls Polo Market, which enters into modern and energy-efficient heating of its stores. Our advantage is many years of experience, reliability of devices with a 10-year warranty and guaranteed reduction of heating costs in relations to current ones.