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Halls, warehouses


workshops, halls, large area warehouses ECOSUN high temperature heaters

High temperature heaters ECOSUN with 1200W, 2400W, 3600W.

Radiators are great for heating restaurant tents, winter gardens. It is also suitable for ensuring thermal comfort in the zone (diameter = height) for both indoors and ourdoors, e.g. on ramps loading and stands.

Once starting, our heaters cause an immediate increase in temperature, which means that it is not necessary to heat the room earlier because you are in the radiation zone.

Tents and restaurant gardens can be heated with high temperature radiators in two ways: whole room or zonally.


Muzeum Sukiennice

Sukiennice Museum Ecosun heating system with 1200W high-density radiators using a special construction creating a heating zone. – Cloth Hall Krakow Ecosun 1200 W.

– Sukiennice Kraków | Ecosun 1200 W

Ways to Heat 


Production halls and warehouses can be heated by high-temperature radiators in two ways: whole room or zone.

The first solution consists in arranging the radiators over the entire room evenly to keep the temprature constant.

The second solution consists in zonal heating of workplaces. For this solution heaters are placed were employees spend most of their time, such as a work station.


We can suspend a high temperature radiator above such a work stand, which is designed to maintain the right temperature in a given zone. The rest of the room may have a lower temperature.

A very economical solution is to design the floor so that it warms up and accumulates heat from the night tariff. The system will turn off in the morning and it will warm evenly, a low-temperature zone controlled element should also hang over the station.

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heat zone

Workplace at a specialized production line heated by Ecosun 2400 W radiators.

– Production line | Ecosun 2400

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