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Radiant paintings painted by the artist

Heating painting

subject on customer’s request

Ecosun panels are energy-efficient and their power consumption is definitely lower than other
heating devices because the Ecosun heater, drawing only 650W, heats up 10-15m2 of
The radiant heaters are also low operating costs – about 3-5 PLN / m2 per month (properly
The heating panels are simple in construction and assembly.
The radiators are easy to operate, they work with a temperature controller on which you can
easily set the desired temperature and when the room reaches the indicated temperature,
the radiator turns off – there is no further power consumption.
They work quietly, do not occupy space because they are mounted on the ceiling or walls,
they are aesthetic

The radiators can be made in various colors, shapes and even in the form of paintings – hand-painted by our painters as well as in the form of glass radiators with graphics. The subject matter of the paintings is optional and made on the customer’s request.
Ecosun panels in the form of hand-painted paintings and glass with graphics are excellent energy-saving and comfortable heating in the home as well as design suited individually to any interior, for example in the living room or bedroom. It is also a great idea for a functional gift.

4 advantages of image radiators

1. Cost-efficient home heating
2. Subject on customer’s request
3. A hand-made painting by a painter
4. Ecosun radiator heating image in your home with all of the 18 advantages of radiators


Subject on request

Radiators heating images are any motif chosen by the client painted by the artist painter on a standard heater.

– Radiant heating images Ecosun 325, 430, 650, 900

selection of the radiator

hand-painted or
glass with photo?

Radiators in the form of paintings are often ordered to places where a regular radiator would not fit into the interior, while the Ecosun radiator in addition to the heating function will fulfill one more function – aesthetic impression and will allow you to enjoy its decorative view, for example n the bedroom or living room copies of known images as one of our implementation of the 1937 Salvador Dali painting – Swans reflecting in the water as elephants, presented in our gallery or other radiators with a photo for example for a  hairdressing salon or tattoo studio, while in the inn rural paintings, in the reception area of a hotel located on the seacoast  radiators with maritime themes, in the churches radiators with a religious theme, in public buildings, emblems of cities, paintings painted for special occasions and photos from long expeditions, for example as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The painting image hand-painted by the painter’s artist is, for example, the Ecosun standard 650W radiator in the form of an image made on a slightly rough white surface that allows a higher angle of warm radiation to be obtained on any subject, e.g. according to a sent photo, reproduction.

The glass image with graphics is a glass Ecosun radiator in an aluminum frame with a smooth surface of any subject.
Ecosun 650 W GHO glass with graphics – according to the photo sent to our email address. The photo should be of good resolution min. 6 Mega.
Delivery time depending on the order quantity, however, usually up to a maximum of 14 days. When placing an order, select the type of radiator – power, quantity and send a photo or design to a hand-painted picture or photo.

It is recommended to choose a thermoregulator for the radiator.

nenufary 30 - Infrared images
einstein 30 - Infrared images
parasolka 30 - Infrared images
aka 30 - Infrared images
chleb 30 - Infrared images
brzeg 30 - Infrared images

Diptychs, triptychs

The images can be combined in diptychs, triptychs depending on the subject of the image and the power of equipment that we need to heat a given room.

– Ecosun 325, 430, 650 | Lily

Karta Flash 25800 ,,Bardzo wygodny i prosty w obsłudze, z diodą pracy regulatora”

Karta DT 1000i ,, Cyfrowy wyświetlacz, dokładny, z możliwością ustawienia temp. dziennej i nocnej”

Karta DT 700i ,,Regulator w pełni programowany z możliwością ustawienia na każdy dzień i godzinę”

KARTA DT 800 “Regulator radiowy z odbiornikiem i stacją, omijający zasilanie promiennik – regulator”

couch 1835923 1920 - Infrared images